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By using it in the areas where it is most effective, it helps mask the brain for success and happiness. It is an application that can overcome all problems known as a method of controlling the mind.


 It is an application that can overcome all problems known as a method of controlling the mind. MM®, which is used to reveal and reinforce personal skills and abilities, includes a series of methods that make perception, emotion, thinking and behavior processes conscious and are used to develop them in a constructive way. In addition, this model is used successfully in education, health, family, management, sales and sports sciences.

Countless data are transmitted and processed by our perceptions. However, not every data can have the same effect on the change of the brain. It is of great importance that this information is accepted by the critical structure/critical factor in order for the information to be processed into the brain and to make changes. The Mental Masking® model helps us at this point. This creates the belief that the data is internally accepted. The mask conceals, protects and transforms.

For example, for years his mother and father told him, "If you don't finish what's on your plate, you won't be full." It is inevitable for someone whose mind is masked to believe that satiety is related to "the plate being finished" and not to a signal coming from the stomach to the brain, to become overweight in later years. It's not heights or spiders or meeting new people that scares us; The real problem is that we have learned to be afraid of heights, spiders and new people. We know that babies are born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds. All the remaining fears have been taught to our minds. If we were able to wear this mask that processed fear years ago, we can also wear a new mask that shows that we are not afraid or that we are brave and adopt it as a newly designed personality model. Learning and change is a path to personal freedom. Mental Masking® focuses on masking and changing the three concepts that make up the mind; thought, behavior, emotion.

Siyah Mermer

Mental Masking®

Mental Masking® literally means mental masking. Mental Masking® is a meta-discipline and model.

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