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1. Data Controller and Legal Framework
1.1 Data Controller
Mental Masking ("Company") is the data controller that processes your personal data within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ("KVKK") and relevant legislation.

2. Personal Data Processed and Purposes of Processing
2.1 Processed Personal Data
In accordance with KVKK and relevant legislation, your identity and contact information such as your name, surname, telephone number, and e-mail address are processed.

2.2 Processing Purposes
Your personal data is processed for the following purposes:

Carrying out the necessary work to make you benefit from the products and services offered by our company,
Making product and service suggestions, planning and/or executing marketing activities,
Informing our customers about industry developments and managing processes.

3. Transfer of Processed Personal Data and Transfer Abroad
3.1 Transfer
Your personal data processed by our company may be shared with relevant public institutions and organizations in order to fulfill legal obligations.

3.2 Transfer Abroad
Since the databases of our products and services are processed through online software systems located abroad, your personal data may be transferred abroad within countries with adequate protection and with the permission of the Board.

4. Rights of the Person Relevant
Within the scope of Article 11 of the KVKK, you, as a data owner, have the following rights:

Access to your personal data,
Correction of your personal data,
Deletion of your personal data,
Objection to the processing of your personal data,
Transferability of your personal data.

5. Storage Period of Personal Data
The Company deletes, destroys, destroys or anonymizes the data when the purpose of processing personal data is no longer valid and the mandatory storage period expires.

6. Changes and Updates
This privacy policy may be updated in accordance with any changes that may occur in KVKK No. 6698 and relevant legislation.



1. Introduction
This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) applies to all websites operated by or on behalf of . It is valid for all websites and mobile applications managed by for people who use/visit these platforms.


2. Cookies and their Purposes
2.1 What is a Cookie and its Purposes:
Cookies are files stored on your computer by visited websites. These files aim to use websites more efficiently by users. It is used to provide a fast and convenient visit experience that suits personal needs, to make improvements according to user habits and to carry out advertising activities.


3. Cookie Categories
3.1 Mandatory Cookies:
These are cookies that are mandatory for the website to function. These cookies are necessary and important for you to use the website effectively and easily.

3.2 Analytical and Advertising Cookies:
It is used for traffic tracking, advertising redirects, analytical evaluations and managing marketing activities. These cookies are important so that users can use websites more effectively and easily.

4. Cookie Settings and Control
Cookie settings allow users to have a personalized experience on the website according to their preferences. Website visitors can control cookie settings, delete cookies and prevent cookies from being saved/placed.

5. Deleting and Blocking Cookies
5.1 Internet Explorer:

From Settings, go to Internet Options.
Click on the Privacy tab and go to Settings to block all cookies.
5.2 Microsoft Edge:

In Settings, click "Select Items to Clean" and select the partitions you want to clean.
5.3 Google Chrome:

From Settings, click Cookies.
Select the cookie(s) you want to delete and click Delete.
5.4 Mozilla Firefox:

From Settings, click Cookies.
Select the cookie(s) you want to delete and click Delete.
5.5 Safari:

From Preferences, go to Privacy.
Click Website Data and select cookies and click Delete or Delete All.
These settings can be applied through most internet browsers.


As Mental Masking, we hold the privacy of our customers at the highest level. The privacy and security of the information you share when you visit our site are the core values of our business. Our privacy policy explains in detail what type of information we collect and how we use and share it.

Additionally, we are sensitive about the security of our website. We use the latest technology and security measures to ensure the security of your personal information in our interactions with you. This is a framework designed to protect your online experience and secure your privacy.

As Mental Masking, we are committed to protecting your data as well as the services we provide to our customers. We are aware of the trust you place in us and we strive to keep the privacy and security of each of our customers at the highest level without violating this trust.

For more detailed information "You can contact us".

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